How do your kids see the world?

Children grow up too quickly and we can’t always keep up. We’re here to capture their stories, expressions and unique view of the world.


This Project has grown from our passion to remind ourselves what the world of a child is like… A world where nothing is impossible and where everything is worth seeing, sharing and keeping.

The World by Them was created to allow parents to save how the World is seen through their children’s eyes in unique ways, with time capsule videos, comics and quotes.

About Us

We are two sisters who love children and want to give parents unique ways to preserve their children's childhood for many years to come.

Claudia is a psychologist and a recent mum who knows just what to ask your child. Joana is a designer who delights in coming up with creative ways to entertain children.

With years of childcare experience between us, we now create unique assets that get into the hearts of parents and add value to families.

We believe that your children's words can evoke memories better than any family portrait.


Time capsule videos

We record the kids for about 40 minutes and question them on everything. After editing the footage to select their best answers, we give you a 20 minute film. We can film your child alone, or with their siblings or cousins. The results have been fascinating: the parents are always happily surprised by the answers and the kids love the whole filming experience.

Comic strips

The chance to get a cute or fun moment drawn in comic strip format. A perfect present for special occasions. You just have to tell us the story and provide us with a photo of your child. From there, we draw every part of the story and in the end you can have your comic by email, printed and framed, or turned into a book...

Children's quotes templates

Remember when your child said you were the best mum in the world? How much they love playing with daddy? Why not save that somewhere? Our quote templates are a way to help you keep the cute and funny things your child has said. You can choose from a selection of templates or ask for a bespoke one. The quote can be sent via email, printed on paper or we can even create a phone cover.



"The film was a success in the birthday party. My husband was blown away. Thank you for making it happen so quickly. The kids loved the experience too and I was really surprised with their answers."


We all loved. Thank you so much. I will film them every year from now on!


"I was really surprised with their answers. I will watch this film forever. Thank you!"


Contact us


Phone number: +351 91 227 30 59


Phone number: +44 783 7777 438

We would love to know how the world is seen by your kids. Leave your contact details & a message or if you prefer email us on for questions and bookings. Usually we reply within 24h :)